Beautiful Starry Night Skies in Tottori (the Star-Catching Prefecture)

CATCH the STAR 鳥取県

Tottori becomes the Star-Catching Prefecture for its beautiful starry skies

The least populated prefecture in Japan, Tottori, takes pride in having beautiful starry night skies. To make this beauty known to the world, Tottori has been dubbed as the "Star-Catching Prefecture". In any of Tottori's cities or towns, the Milky Way can be enjoyed and shooting stars can be spotted even when there are no meteor showers. Once you look up, you'll feel like reaching for those stars twinkling in the night sky. These beautiful stargazing moments are a must for everyone to experience and that is why we have called Tottori the Star-Catching Prefecture.

In a national sky quality survey, Tottori Prefecture won 1st prize 12 times for having great sky visibility. Natural darkness and clean and clear air are essential for having beautiful night skies. Having the smallest population in Japan, Tottori is certainly a great place for stargazing!

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