Diverse scenic landscapes in Tottori Prefecture


Sceneries of ancient Japan preserved in Tottori Prefecture

Discover a diverse range of natural sites, such as the Tottori Sand Dunes and Mt. Daisen, that have been preserved since ancient times. Tottori Prefecture is a great place to explore untouched landscapes of Japan and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the country.

Sanbutsuji Temple, Mt. Mitoku

Beautiful autumn foliage at Mt. Daisen

The famous Tottori Sand Dunes is the biggest attraction for tourists. These are the largest accessible dunes in Japan and have taken over 100,000 years to form. Ripples formed by wind and sand display some of nature's finest artwork. The world's only sand museum, located near the dunes, enthralls visitors each year with spectacular sand sculptures formed with elaborate detail.

Mt. Daisen's autumn foliage

A large selection of activities to choose from

Without a doubt, Tottori Prefecture offers many scenic landscapes, including Japan's most dangerous national treasure: Nageiredo Hall of Sanbutsuji Temple. Chugoku Mountain Range's largest peak, Mt. Daisen, also offers picturesque views of autumn foliage. Sandboarding at the dunes, downhill cycling at Mt. Daisen and clear canoeing in the beautiful blue waters of Uradome Coast (San'in Kaigan Geopark Site) are just some of the many outdoor activities that allow visitors to have fun and enjoy natural scenic beauties.

Clear canoeing

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