Food Capital Tottori


Japan's largest crab landings in Tottori

Tottori Prefecture is home to the majestic Mt. Daisen, beautiful Sea of Japan and many other natural wonders. This region is also known to be blessed with irresistible seafood (such as crabs and tuna) and plentiful fresh produce (such as pears and watermelons). Japan's top wagyu beef can also be found here along with Tottori's famous pure natural spring water which flows through western Japan's largest beech forest.

Tottori Prefecture yields the largest catch of crabs in Japan. The Matsuba Crab (male snow crab), in particular, is the king of winter delicacies and is filled with succulent crab meat.

Crab Hot Pot (Kani Suki)

Japan's largest producer of 20th Century Pears

With a history of over 100 years of cultivation, Tottori also prides in being Japan's largest producer of the refreshingly sweet and crispy 20th Century Pear.

20th Century Pears

Tottori Wagyu - Japan's top quality beef

The highly acclaimed Tottori Wagyu cattle are grown in natural surroundings and are rich in oleic acid which gives a mouthwatering (umami) flavor. The marbling of this branded meat is exceptional. In 2017, Tottori Wagyu became Japan's number 1 beef when it won 1st prize for its meat quality at the National Wagyu Cattle Contest (the Olympics of wagyu held every 5 years).

Tottori Wagyu

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